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  1. Da Vinci's Tank:A War Machine for the Duke of Milan. Leonardo Da Vinci is known as the epitome of the Renaissance. Besides producing some of the world's best-loved paintings, e.g. Mona Lisa, he was a mathematician, botanist, geologist, musician, architect and engineer
  2. LEONARDO AND THE ART OF ENGINEERINGNew York University student's take on Leonardo's famous armored car. The CAD design was based on Da Vinci's sketches
  3. http://www.leonardodavincisinventions.com/war-machines/leonardo-da-vincis-tank/The tank/armoured car designed by Leonardo da Vinci
  4. leonardo da vinci's tank invention. It was designed to be driven straight onto a battlefield and to decimate the enemy with its 360 degree cannons. As always, Leonardo took inspiration from nature for his designs, the outer shell of. Nikola Tesla's Turbine. the tank is based on a turtle's shell
  5. Army Recognition is proposing an unusual video: the main battle tank history, from Leonardo da Vinci's project in 1485 up to the current Challenger 2 of the.

Da Vinci died in 1519, and the painting remained unfinished and was never exhibited during his life. After falling ill in her sixties, Gherardini spent her later years in the convent (which often. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti had a few crossover years in the early 1500s, between Michelangelo's coming of age and da Vinci's death. Leonardo da Vinci was near the end of his life while Michelangelo was still young and kicking. The two artists had already made names for themselves in their own rights Leonardo da Vinci (italienska: ( lyssna), egentligen Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, född 15 april 1452 i Anchiano nära Vinci i Toscana, död 2 maj 1519 i Amboise i Frankrike, var ett italienskt universalgeni. Han betraktas som den första högrenässansmästaren och var verksam som konstnär, arkitekt, ingenjör, uppfinnare, naturforskare, matematiker, musiker och filosof. Leonardo tillhör renässansens mest betydelsefulla gestalter. Han är mest känd för målningen Mona Lisa, utförd. This tank was a fearsome machine and represented Germany's engineering skills for creating incredible armoured vehicles and technological advancements during wartime

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16- The tank . The Leonardo da Vinci tank was designed while under the patronage of Ludovico Sforza in 1487. It was designed to be led directly to a battlefield and to decimate the enemy with its 360 degree cannons. The tank is based on the shell of a turtle. Leonardo is often inspired by nature for his inventions Armoured tank. Reportedly Leonardo was a pacifist, yet several of his inventions were designed for military applications. One of them, the armoured tank, was a full 400 years ahead of its time, as tanks weren't introduced in anger until the First World War. As with many of his inventions, Leonardo was inspired by nature, the turtle in this case Renaissance engineer and artist Leonardo da Vinci is well known as the intellectual father of the modern tank, submarine, and helicopter. He reputedly introduced a deliberate design flaw into his tank's locomotion system because he never wanted anybody to actually build this terrible weapon

Leonardo da Vinci Draws Designs of Future War Machines: Tanks, Machine Guns & More. We think of Leonardo da Vinci as one of the great humanists, a thinker and creator whose achievements spanned the realms of art, architecture, natural science, engineering, and letters. We less often think of him as an innovator of the tools of as destructive a. The Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci left thousands of pages of writings and drawings, but rarely made any references to his personal life. The resulting uncertainty, combined with mythologized anecdotes from his lifetime, has resulted in much speculation and interest in Leonardo's personal life. Particularly, his personal relationships, sexuality, philosophy, religion, vegetarianism, left-handedness and appearance. Leonardo has long been regarded as the archetypal Renaissance man, described He shows us the genius Da Vinci sketches and the outclass skill-set of their maker. The amazing work from Leonardo Da Vinci has made people go in wow even after centuries since he passed away. Da Vinci is a known genius, and he excelled in various fields, including architecture, mathematics, engineering, and some other disciplines Subscribe http://bit.ly/2oUkw8n Support me/Donate: http://bit.ly/2oVO5GZ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisZanar Become my Patreon: https://ww..

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London: In what mirrors the book and Hollywood movie 'The Da Vinci Code', art historians claim to have uncovered a real-life Da Vinci code, after they found tiny letters painted into the eyes of. Leonardo da Vinci's St John The Baptist 1513-16. 8. Leonardo da Vinci's St John The Baptist masterpiece shows an alien face after a filter is applied, it's claimed Credit: PARANORMAL CRUCIBLE Because of his genius, Leonardo da Vinci has been described as an alien at the court of the Medici. In the 16th century, he invented a tank, a helicopter and a submarine - and he created paintings of sublime beauty. For these and many other reasons, I think of Leonardo as simply the cleverest man ever to have lived

Another incredible conception from da Vinci, the Armored Car is surely the forerunner to the contemporary military tanks. Designed as a massive circular platform reinforced with sturdy metallic plates, and driven by wheels - the Armored Car was envisaged to have a crew of 8 members inside the hull In July 1941, Stalin learned of a single KV-II that had held off the entire 6th Panzer Division for more than a day [at the Battle of Raseiniai on 24th June]. With the incredible success of this single tank, Stalin ordered a crash [quick] program for a land battleship based on the KV-II design In 1487, Da Vinci designed a war machine which is today known as Leonardo's fighting vehicle or Leonardo's tank. The design required eight men to operate the machine, which had 36 guns poking out from its sides and a conical cover inspired by a turtle's shell

What's real and what's fake in Dan Brown's controversial mystery thriller, The Da Vinci Code?Adapted by Ron Howard in 2006 as the first film in the Robert Langdon series, The Da Vinci Code chronicles the tale of Harvard religious symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), who get embroiled in a quest that involves a host of covert historical. The True Story Behind Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Her Mixed-Up Files Fifty years ago, author E.L. Konigsburg wrote her children's literature classic that highlighted the wonder of museum

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Zachary was apparently murdered by his cellmate who got his hands on Zachary's fortune and fled to the island of Syros in Greece to lead a luxurious life under the name Andros Dareios. Dareios, however, soon grew tired of his life Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, Tuscany in 1452, the illegitimate son of a Florentine notary and a young peasant. Little is known of his childhood, but his artistic talent must have been apparent at an early age for, at 14, he was apprenticed to one of the most well-known Florentine workshops of the day: that of painter and sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio

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Most people know him for his beautiful artwork now, but back in his day, Leonardo da Vinci was an absolute madman. With interests extending into numerous fields besides art, da Vinci liked dipping his toes into engineering, invention, and even anatomy. To those ends, da Vinci is credited with inventing the helicopter. Think about that From 1485 to 1490, while in the service of the Duke of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci produced designs for a number of wonderous devices, including flying machines, parachutes, and weapons of war such as the famous da Vinci tank. The tank was a conical shaped armoured war vehicle capable of moving in any direction and bristling with guns Death of Leonardo da Vinci in the Arms of Francis I as painted by Francois-Guillaume Menageot #7 Leonardo Da Vinci created designs of many things ahead of his time including a tank. As an engineer, Da Vinci conceived ideas much ahead of his time. In his notebooks there are a number of war machines including a tank and a diving suit Da Vinci also painted The Last Supper, while his inventions included workable designs for machines like the bicycle, helicopter, submarine and military tank that would not come to fruition for.

An interesting fact about Leonardo da Vinci is that his outputs include a chariot with mounted scythes, an armored tank, as well as a gigantic crossbow. He also worked for Cesare Borgia, who commanded the papal army in the early 1500s. His work entailed sketching maps and plans, as well as surveying military ventures ★The Da Vinci Code (Chevaliers de Sangreal) 0:02, ★ Angels and Demons (503) 4:08, ★ Inferno (Life Must Have Its Mysteries) 6:20 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new feature 7) Da Vinci Introduced the Chiaroscuro Method to the Art World While da Vinci was primarily attracted to science, his popularity and fame resulted from his work as a painter. Although he finished only a limited number of paintings, his most famous works are considered masterpieces

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1. Leonardo da Vinci only ever made one mistake. A. false B. true 2. If Leonardo's tank were built exactly as shown in his drawing, it would probably _____. A. move fast B. move backwards only C. not move at all D. move in circles 3. Leonardo's tank was designed to be powered by _____. A. wind B. men turning cranks C. water power D. electricity 4 Mona Lisa, La Gioconda from Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece was a real person. To learn all the details of this amazing story, we spoke to the author of the book Mona Lisa, A Life Discovered, Dianne Hales, who prepared a walking tour to follow Mona Lisa's steps in Florence Da Vinci Wagon with Clubs (Carro con Mazze Ruotanti) Riciclandia RIC_07 Laser Cut Wooden Model Kit - Made in Italy $59.99 Da Vinci Armored Tank (Carro Armato) Riciclandia RIC_06 Laser Cut Wooden Model Kit - Made in Ital Leonardo Da Vinci's secret: his love life In 1469, thanks to his talent and his father's connections, Leonardo entered the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio , the most prestigious in Florence. Very soon, he became his master's favorite apprentice, to the point some speculated theirs may have been more than a simple mentor-mentee relationship Born as a 'nobody', Da Vinci was talented from the beginning Leonardo da Vinci was the illegitimate son of a reputed lawyer and a peasant woman. He spent his early years in the quaint town of Anchiano with his mother but eventually came to live with his father and received classical education in Latin, Greek and higher mathematics

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He was of cours an artist, painting at the end of his life The Mona Lisa, considered as the best known work of art in the world. Da Vinci, a genius ahead of his time. But Leonardo Da Vinci was also an inventor ahead of his time. He imagined the plane, the helicopter, the submarine, the car, the dark camera, the tank and bridges among many other things Da Vinci also created a 33-barreled organ (a combination of guns), according to Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions. Da Vinci was of the opinion that one of the most preeminent problems with using cannons was that they were slow to reload. His solution was to create a design where the gun could be fired and loaded at the same time

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  1. Leonardo da Vinci (Ιταλικά) Γέννηση: 14/15 Απριλίου 1452 Αντσιάνο, Βίντσι, Δημοκρατία της Φλωρεντίας: Θάνατος: 2 Μαΐου 1519 Κλο-Λυσέ, Αμπουάζ, Βασίλειο της Γαλλίας: Αιτία θανάτου: εγκεφαλική αιμορραγί
  2. No, 'The Da Vinci Code' is not based on a true story. In fact, ardent fans (like us) would have read Dan Brown's novel of the same name, which served as an inspiration for the plot. When asked about the veracity of the events depicted in the book, the author stated , 99 percent of it is true
  3. ja レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ. Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo (15 April 1452 - 2 May 1519) was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography
  4. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Leonardo da Vinci was motivated by his unlimited desire for knowledge. This guided all his thinking and behavior. As an artist and a thinker, he was highly visual. He considered sight to be the highest of the senses. To him every phenomenon perceived became an object of knowledge
  5. Leonardo da Vinci is a famous Italian painter, inventor, sculptor, and musician, among his many other talents. He lived from 1452 to 1519, and is considered to be the archetype of the Renaissance man, meaning that he was skilled in a huge variety of fields
  6. The Da Vinci Tank is a Renaissance boss unit in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. 1 Characteristics 2 Behavior 3 Usage 3.1 Unit Possession 4 Trivia 5 Gallery The Da Vinci Tank is mobile hut-shaped tank with 16 cannons facing around the tank in a circular pattern. It will move in range and spin like a carousel and send barrages of cannonballs on a target. The tank has extremely high health.
  7. World's priciest painting not a full da Vinci, claims doc Issued on: 07/04/2021 - 19:30 The painting was last auctioned at Christie's in New York in 2017 TIMOTHY A. CLARY AF

This, in fact, may be the real Lisa, the woman that da Vinci was commissioned to paint in 1503, said Pascal Cotte, the founder of Lumiere Technologies, who announced his findings on Tuesday (Dec. A computer technician has claimed to have cracked a real Da Vinci code, by finding musical notes encoded in the masterpiece The Last Supper. Leonardo Da Vinci left clues to a 40-second musical composition in his painting, Giovanni Maria Pala said. Each loaf of bread in the picture represents a note, he said, which combine to sound like a requiem

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Da Vinci's prototype 'tank', drawn in the late 15th or early 16th century. Although he apparently despised war, he was employed for much of the time as a military engineer, devising new. In fact, debate has spilled over into the personal realm of his life—over his sexuality, religious beliefs, and even possible vegetarianism, for example—which only confirms and reflects what has long been obvious: whether the subject is his life, his ideas, or his artistic legacy, Leonardo's influence shows little sign of abating Tank: Life and Times of a 'Wonder Weapon' By Patrick Wright Last updated 2011-02-17. A drawing of military machines from Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook c.1487. Back to index | image 1 of 8. Next by Richard Howells, SAP Over the holiday, I spent a great afternoon at the Boston Museum of Science, which is currently running an exhibition called Da Vinci - The Genius. The exhibition.

Da Vinci's Demons is a fictionalized account of Leonardo's early life, with the addition of mystical elements. Shows up in Star Trek: Voyager as a holodeck character in Captain Janeway's Da Vinci's Workshop program, played by John Rhys-Davies Da Vinci Code Slots, rns slot, abandoned casino laughlin nv, virtual casino no deposit bonus codes december 2020. $2,500. Play now Info. Exclusive Bonus. Get 200% bonus on first deposit! Mobile Gambling Banking Options Odds Calculator Odds Guide . Is MegaSlot a legit.

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'A real-life Da Vinci Code': Treasure hunters think a 36-year secret may be buried in Forest Park Erin Heffernan Oct 21, 2018 Oct 21, 2018; 0 {{featured_button_text}} Treasure hunter. All the latest breaking UK and world news with in-depth comment and analysis, pictures and videos from MailOnline and the Daily Mail A life drawing class you can take from home Published 22 March 2019. From Leonardo da Vinci to George Stubbs, artists have long been inspired by the wonders of human and animal anatomy. In this special online class, we take a look at what lies underneath the skin and also draw from real-life models. Take the class and send us your drawings Facts about Da Vinci's early life. 1. Early separation from mother: Da Vinci was closer to his father than his mother. He lived with his mother for the first five years of his life and thereafter settled with his father. He would, however, write letters to his mother from time to time His real name was Leonardo Pisano Bigollo and he is considered to be one of the most talented European mathematicians from the medieval period. and countless other life forms. Nobody really knows how and why these patterns occur. if you pick up a book like Da Vinci's Code, you will find quite a lot about Fibonacci and his numbers

Tank This cutaway view shows a 20th century model of a tank designed by da Vinci. Constructed of wood on a round base topped by a cone-shaped shell, its guns are evenly spaced, emerging from the base For real people that ruled the planet, check out 6 People Who Secretly Ruled The World. Or see what Bucholz thought about the sequel to the Da Vinci Code, in A Da Vinci Code Sequel Review (By Someone Who Skimmed It). And stop by Linkstorm to discover the secret code of the Internet

Caravaggio, or Michelangelo Merisi, was an Italian painter who is considered one of the fathers of modern painting Acuff-Rose objected, but 2 Live Crew included the parody, titled Pretty Woman, on its 1989 album As Clean as They Wanna Be anyway. Acuff-Rose Music Inc. cried copyright infringement Leonardo da Vinci föddes 15 april 1452 i Toscana stad i området Vinci nära Florens i Italien, som oäkta son till notarien Ser Piero da Vinci. Hans mors namn ska ha varit Caterina di Meo Lippi och var en bondflicka 'av gott blod' och ska ha varit femton år gammal. Dessa uppgifter är dock lite osäkra

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Get the most advanced portable vaporizers in the market! DAVINCI MIQRO, IQ and Ascent. Enjoy FREE shipping plus FREE accessories on us Μ. Kemp, Leonardo da Vinci. The Marvelous Works of Nature and Man (1981) C.D. O' Malley, J.B. de C.M Saunders, Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body (1952) Frank Zöllner, Leonardo (2004) Jean Paul Richter, The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci Pop Art Mona Lisa tshirt Urban Street Art Leonardo Da Vinci T-Shirt. 4.4 out of 5 stars 37. $18.99 $ 18. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Da Vinci drawing Tank Top. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $19.99 $ 19. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Real-Time Crime & Safety Alerts Amazon Subscription Boxes Top subscription boxes. Opinions. My opinion of Leonardo Da Vinci, is that he was a great engineer, painter, sculptor, mathematician, musician, and so much more. He was just a very talented and knowledgeable man that changed the world as we know today From the Mona Lisa to the Vitruvian Man, so much of Leonardo da Vinci's artwork is iconic. The original Renaissance Man, Leonardo was not only a painter, but also a scientist, musician, engineer, and mathematician. Many of his scientific musings and theories were later discovered to have a basis in fact and his paintings have made an indelible mark on art history

Leonardo da Vinci also invented an asortment of war machines that includes a tank. While da Vinci was working in Venice, he drew a sketch for an early diving suit, that was to be used in the destruction of enemy ships entering Venetian waters Da Vinci Study: what have we learnt from 18 European countries on lipid management. Session From Lifetime Risk to Real Life: Decreasing Cardiovascular Risk with Lipid Lowering . Speaker Kausik K Ra Leonardo da Vinci's famous the Vitruvian Man Born April 15th, 1452, died May 2nd, 1519 (age 67) Leonardo da Vinci is probably the best-known Renaissance artist, famous for his masterworks The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. The classic Renaissance man, da Vinci was not only an artist but also an inventor, scientist, architect, engineer. Renaissance painter, architect, inventor - Leonardo da Vinci is often remembered as one of history's greatest artists, yet this overlooks his radical approach to the challenges of flight, manufacturing and war. Here, we chart the important chapters in Leonardo's professional life, from his boyhood apprenticeship in Florence to his final years - plus his genius visions for the futur da Vinci are brought to life in a revealing,new glider,tank,underwater diving suit and robot experiments on real body parts,was realised in

da Vinci helicopter, da Vinci self-supported bridge, da Vinci tank, da Vinci catapult. In this app you can: EXPLORE Leonardo's work in 3D: REGULAR VIEW: With controls provided in the app, you will be able to see 3D models from different perspectives with mesmerizing 3D animations Today, in 2020, the Mona Lisa is believed to be worth more than $ 860 million, taking into consideration the inflation. Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa between 1503 and 1506 AD. It's painted in such a way that the eyes of the Mona Lisa fall into the center of vision of the user, while the lips fall into the peripheral vision

Leonardo Da Vinci Weapons of war. Weapons of war. Leonardo's life's work was a search for the meaning of creation itself and his many varied studies are a testament to his inquiring mind. His work on war machines seems to contradict his respect for the natural world The Armoured Car: Leonardo da Vinci was mildly obsessed with warfare, probably due to the time he lived. The armoured car was the predecessor to the modern tank. It was loaded with multiple weapons mounted to the car and could travel in any direction. The motion of the car had to generated by at least six men inside the car Leonardo da Vinci (də vĭn`chē, Ital. lāōnär`dō dä vēn`chē), 1452-1519, Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist, b. near Vinci, a hill village in Tuscany.The versatility and creative power of Leonardo mark him as a supreme example of Renaissance genius

Art itself always tells a story, but often has an intriguing tale behind it as well, which is why we chose to compile a list of 12 famous paintings with the stories behind them Biography Leonardo da Vinci was educated in his father's house receiving the usual elementary education of reading, writing and arithmetic. In 1467 he became an apprentice learning painting, sculpture and acquiring technical and mechanical skills. He was accepted into the painters' guild in Florence in 1472 but he continued to work as an apprentice until 1477 When you're looking for a real-life model for Jesus Christ, you'd be hard pushed to think of a less appropriate stand-in for the Prince of Peace than Cesare Borgia. One of the most notorious members of Renaissance Italy's most notorious dynasties, the cruel Cesare was thought to be the inspiration for Niccolo Machiavelli's satirical handbook for would-be tyrants, The Prince

Which artist would you rather have met in real life-Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci and why? 3/22/2012 The artist I would like to meet would be is Leonardo da Vinci because he is a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, and an inventor One of the most prominent artists of the time was Leonardo da Vinci, born on the 15th April 1452. He turned the artist from craftsman to genius - primarily because his paintings depicted not only physical appearances but, for the first time, intrigue, feelings and inner states of mind

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Academy Leonardo Da Vinci Tourbillon Watch Plastic Model 18185 / ACA18185 Academy Da Vinci Series: G.E.T. Clock [Model Building KIT] $34.98 $ 34 . 98 Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 2 Tank, catapult, flying machine... The genius of Leonardo da Vinci comes to life at the Chateau du Clos Lucé, in the Loire Valley, where scale models of some of his most incredible machines are unveiled. Ten inventions, each as eccentric and crazy as each other, can be experimented with in a novel way at this 3D virtual animation exhibition held in partnership with Dassault Systèmes Cheap Party DIY Decorations, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:Free shipping 5 alphabetic lock chamber tank top props Da Vinci Code LOCK Room Escape lock for real life room escape game props Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return An exhibit at the Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland used Leonardo da Vinci's sketches to create real-life objects Everybody loves a good mystery—and unsolved mysteries are all the more captivating. (After all, The Da Vinci Code didn't make a bazillion dollars because people are really into the Mona Lisa!) With that in mind, here are just a few of the top unsolved mysteries in North America—ones that just may stay that way forever

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo (15 April 1452 - 2 May 1519), was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been variously called the father of. Large Water Tank now freezes and defrosts for the same time as the basic water tank; Wouldn't a larger water tank take longer to both freeze/defrost? Command Center graphs timely update? Edit2: Some insight for the badly worded - Command Center graphs timely update - The graphs weren't updating real-time on the opened screen. Added space. Léonard de Vinci est né dans la nuit du vendredi 14 au samedi 15 avril 1452 entre neuf heures et dix heures et demie du soir [5], [N 3].La tradition établit cette naissance dans une petite maison de métayer du petit village toscan d'Anchiano, un hameau voisin de la ville de Vinci ; mais peut-être est-il né à Vinci même [7].L'enfant est le fruit d'une relation amoureuse illégitime. Although Leonardo da Vinci is well known for his art, he was also a very good inventor. Some of his inventions include, the aerial screw, the anemometer, the parachute, the flying machine, the armored car, the giant crossbow, a more accurate clock, the ideal city, the robotic knight, scuba gear, and the revolving bridge I want to live in da Vinci's era because no one knew anything. You be an architect and a scientist and a great painter, and you could get to excellence much quicker in each of those fields than.

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Leonardo da Vinci (BBC documentary) Leonardo da Vinci is a three-part BBC documentary series telling the life story of Leonardo da Vinci who was not only a great artist, but also a great inventor, engineer and anatomist. The series reconstructs Leonardo da Vinci's life from early childhood to death highlighting his work as an inventor, engineer, geologist and anatomist as well as an artist 'Da Vinci of Debt' is a corporate artwork that features 2600 real university diplomas and is touted as the most expensive piece of art in the world. Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch's Natural Light Beer is behind a cunning publicity stunt which features 2600 real, physical university diplomas sent in by people all around the United States A bust in the collection of Berlin's Bode Museum had long been attributed to the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, mostly because the woman's features resembled those of faces in da Vinci's paintings.However, there was no evidence directly connecting da Vinci to the sculpture of the goddess Flora — a Roman deity of flowering plants — and its origins have been hotly contested among art.

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The Czech Mint looks at Leonardo Da Vinci and his work inSo what kind of real-life medieval contraptions are youHOT - Ariel the little mermaid hollow tank top and legging
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