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The Actions of the Bluff were local operations in 1916 carried out in Flanders during the First World War by the German 4th Army and the British Second Army. The Bluff is a mound near St Eloi, south-east of Ypres in Belgium, created from a spoil heap during the digging of the Ypres-Comines Canal before the war. From 14 to 15 February and on 2 March 1916, the Germans and the British fought for control of the Bluff, the Germans capturing the mound and defeating counter-attacks. In March 1916, a German U-boat torpedoed a French passenger ship, the Sussex, killing dozens of people, including several Americans. Afterward, the U.S. threatened to cut diplomatic ties with.. March 9, 1916 Germany declares war on Portugal. The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo begins. This battle will last until March 17, 1916. March 16, 1916 Austria severs diplomatic relations with Portugal. The new French Minister of War is Pierre-Auguste Roques. He succeeds Joseph-Simon Gallieni. March 17, 1916 The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo ends

World War 1 Timeline - 1916. by Ben Johnson. Important events of 1916 during the third year of the First World War, including Field Marshal Lord Kitchener's request for US military participation. 1 Jan. Winston Churchill is appointed Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding the 6th battalion (Territorial Army) of the Royal Scots Fusiliers Mar 1 Germany begins attacking ships in the Atlantic. Mar 8 US invades Cuba for 3rd time, this to end corrupt Menocal regime. Mar 9 Mexican General Francisco Pancho Villa invades US (18 killed) Mar 9 Germany declares war against Portugal. Mar 12 French airship mistakenly attacks and sinks British submarine D3 with loss of all hands German Government send note to United States Government stating that it is not intended to postpone the extended submarine campaign (see 10th, 21st, and March 1st). MARCH 1916 1st March. German extended submarine campaign begins (see February 29th). Hostilities between Sudan Government and Sultan of Darfur begin (see 16th, and December 31st). 2nd March ­­­­KEITH & STRATHISLA DURING WWI March 1916 Wednesday 1 Norman Harley from Kirkcudbright took up his duties as the new Postmaster in Keith. William Neish of the Post Office in Mulben applied to the Upper District Military Tribunal meeting in Dufftown for an exemption for his employee who was the only shoemaker between Craigellachie and Keith About March 1, 1916. Day of the Week: Wednesday. How Long Ago? 104 years, 10 months and 30 days. Leap Year: Yes. Generation Greatest Generation. Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

March 18, 1916 - On the Eastern Front, the Russians oblige a French request to wage an offensive to divert German resources from Verdun. Although the Russians greatly outnumber the Germans in the northern sector of the Eastern Front, their poorly coordinated offensive around Vilna and at Lake Naroch is swiftly defeated by the Germans with 70,000 Russian casualties Recruiting Marches 1915-1916 In 1915 recruiting committees were formed in nearly every town throughout Australia. In the central west of New South Wales a movement began which became known as the 'Gilgandra snowball'. Under the leadership of W.T. ('Captain Bill') Hitchen, 20 or so men who had determined to enlist started off to march to Sydney Medical orderlies tend to the wounded in a trench during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in mid-September 1916. The man on the left is suffering from Shell Shock. Some men suffering from shell shock were put on trial and even executed, for military crimes including desertion and cowardice

World War I volunteers from the Inverell district in NSW Australia who participated in the great 'snowball' recruiting drive of 1916. This photo shows the first contingent of 114 men, at the time the largest group of men to leave a NSW county town together for war service. They were photographed by Mr. George Devine, an Inverell photographer The table below provides links to daily summaries for each day of the war for the month of March during the years 1915-19. Entries for other months of the war are listed in the sidebar to the right Phase II: trench warfare 1914-1916. November 1914 - February 1915, Winter operations, 1914-15 French orders for a major offensive in December lead to disastrous piecemeal British attacks. Localised operations seeking tactical advantage continue through winter. Operations: Summer operations, March to October 191

23rd Battalion London Regiment, WW1, WW1 letters. Flanders. 2 nd March 1916. Dear Old Girl - I have behaved abominably to you recently - I admit it - only it hasn't been due to ordinary neglect but to extraordinary bad temper (not with you of course but with all the world in general). Check out our march 1916 selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops W B 2 24th General Hosp B.E.F. 26th March 1916 Dear old Girl - I was delighted to get a letter from you this morning - you wrote it on the 21st - the others have not yet reached me but no doubt will do so shortly. Yes, as I mentioned in yesterdays letter the • March 11: The Reprisals Order, in which Britain banned all 'neutral' parties from trading with Germany. As Germany was suffering a naval blockade by Britain this became a serious issue. The US was supposedly neutral, but couldn't get supplies to Germany if it had wanted to. (It didn't.) • March 11 - 13: Battle of Neuve-Chapelle. (WF Friday 16 Tarrycroys School hosted a whist drive in aid of funds for comforts for local soldiers. In Russia, Grand Duke Michael decided against accepting the position of Tsar. He had visited Keith in 1902 when holidaying in Scotland and had lunch at the Station Hotel

7th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers WW1, March 1916 France Remembered Today: 7th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers WW1, March 1916 France. By sheilmar27, 8 March , 2013 in Soldiers and their units. Share Followers 0. Recommended Posts Original Titelseite der französischenTageszeitung Excelsior vom 23.März 1916.Original title page of the newspaper Excelsior of March 23, 1916 100 Jahre 1.. Driver James BOYD died on 26th March, 1918 at No. 1 Section, War Hospital, Exeter, Devon, England from Nephritis. Owing to his condition (Nephritis) and the uncertainty of his recovery from the operation he was not operated in till the symptoms forced it on 22.3.18. about 26' if the intestine (was) resected

British First World War Trench Maps, 1915-1918. Maps of the Western Front in the Great War depicting British and German trenches. View a graphic index of trench maps; Sheet List - 1:5,00 This war to end all wars was fought in the dawn of new technology that laid waste to vast empires and their armies. Virtually all our modern weapons were first used in this war. The tactics were not. Mass attack resulted in mass destruction. During this war both sides were forced to rebuild their armies. Each new army with the air and naval forces are in this game Easily find military service records in our extensive collection. Start now! Enter a name & let our technology do the rest. Make amazing discoveries - Search now events of 1 March 1916. Arthur Edward Neal enlists. Arthur is commemorated on the Centenary of WWI in Orange Honour Roll; he would be killed in action in France on 15 May 1917.; The German U-boat SM U-35 torpedoes and sinks the British sloop HMS Primula in the Mediterranean Sea near the Greek island of Cerigo.U-35 fires four torpedoes; the first hits the bow collapsing the foremast

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  1. WW1 Diary in East Africa A Royal Engineer's wartime experiences in the British Army in East Africa Menu Skip to content. Home; Ernest Dockray, and his WW1 diaries; Chapter 1c: Watton, Norfolk: September 1915 - March 1916. Leave a reply. Arthur Hedges (rt) and EJD at their billet at Watton
  2. 4-6 August 1916: Magdhaba: 23 December 1916: Rafa: 9 January 1917: Gaza: 26 March, 17 April, 27 October to 7 November 1917: Beersheba: 31 October 1917: Jerusalem: 7-9 December 1917: Defence of Jerusalem: 26-30 December 1917: Jericho: 19-21 February 1918: Amman: 22-30 March 1918: Es Salt: 30 April to 3 May 1918: Abu Tellul: 14 July 1918: Sharon and Nablus: 19-25 September 191
  3. Home. By Year. 1916. March. 13. Feb. March. Apr. W 1

On 22 March, 1916, H8 struck a stray British mine while dived on patrol off the Dutch coast. Though badly damaged forward, the captain and crew managed to surface the boat and made a safe passage overnight to base at Harwich joined February 1916, moved to 32nd Bn MGC 21 Feb 1918: 14th Trench Mortar Battery: joined March 1916: 1/5th Bn, the Royal Scots: joined 29 July 1916: Divisional Troops: 17th Bn, the Northumberland Fusiliers: joined as Divisional Pioneer Battalion June 1915, left October 1916, returned September 1917, finally left November 1917 (North Eastern Railway Pioneers

1916. 29429 2nd Supp. Sir Ian Hamilton despatch, Gallipoli, 04/01/1916 29436 2nd Supp. H S Bacon - Despatch Belgian Coast, 11/01/1916 29455 Sir Ian Hamilton despatch, Gallipoli naval mentions, 28/01/1916 7 March 1916. Lost in North Sea — cause unknown. Submarine: E 50: 807. 14 November 1916. Jan 1917. 31 January 1918. Lost in North Sea — cause unknown. Submarine: E 6: 791. 12 November 1912. Oct 1913. 26 December 1915. Sunk by mine. 14 March 1916 of Convoy 18 departed Melbourne 1278 AIF including the 4th Light horse Regiment 15th Reinforcements, Medical Officers and, 39 RAN 16 March 1916 departed Adelaide with 371 AIF & 1 RAN Petty Officer 24 August 1916 of Convoy 24 departed Sydney with 1139 AIF 28 August 1916 departed Adelaide with 626 AI Första världskriget var en världsomspännande militär konflikt centrerad i Europa som började den 28 juli 1914 och varade till den 11 november 1918. Denna konflikt engagerade alla av världens stormakter, samlade i två motsatta allianser. De allierade och Centralmakterna. Mer än 70 miljoner soldater, däribland 60 miljoner européer, mobiliserades i ett av de största krigen i historien. Mer än nio miljoner soldater dödades, vilket främst berodde på stora tekniska.

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Eleven months separated General Charles Townshend's humiliation at Kut al-Amara in April 1916 from Lieutenant-General Maude's triumphal entry into Baghdad on 11 March 1917. During this period, Indian Expeditionary Force D was transformed into the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force (MEF), re-equipped, and reorganised March 19, 1916 - Troopships carrying the Australian 1st and 2nd Division arrive in Marseilles in the south of France. The Australian troops are then moved by rail north to the battlefields. The Australian troops are billeted in the St Omer-Aire-Hazebrouck region of French Flanders which was known as the Nursery

WW1 13th (Southdown) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment - 5th March 1916 to 14th Aug 191 The Military Service Act 1916, passed into law on 27 January, made all eligible single men (those aged 19-40) liable for military service on 2 March 1916. It ended the Derby Scheme , set up in late 1915, which had allowed men to 'attest their willingness to serve' - essentially volunteering to be conscripted But first, let us touch on the events of this war on the western front (from the perspective of the Germans) leading up to March, 1916. On the very opening day German troops entered Belgium. By August 22nd, 1914, the British Expeditionary Force arrived in France and by the 23rd they locked horns with German troops at the battle of Battle of Mons WW1 Postcard of France at War (82) The ruins of Rheims Cathedral. Posted from Ilford to Lambourn, Berkshire on 27 March 1916. Minor signs of wear for an item over a 100 years old. Please see my other WW1 postcards. Free postage within the UK. Multiple purchases welcome. Items won over a ten day period can be paid at the end

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Wednesday, 29 March 1916 . Begonia, fleet sweeping sloop, torpedoed and damaged by U.44 off S Irish coast ULPH, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 1623 (Po) WHITE, John A, Shipwright 2c, M 6812 (Po) Goshawk II, hired trawler, minesweeper STEPHENSON, John W, 2nd Hand, RNR, SA 657, illness They remained in the Salient and fought another action at the St Eloi Craters in March 1916 before moving down to the Somme. Here they fought in the 'Dawn Attack' near Bazentin on 14th July 1916, then opposite High Wood and later near Delville Wood. From the period 11th - 27th July, the division suffered 6,100 casualties

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20th - Qasr-i-Shirin (West Persia) taken by Turkish forces (see May 7th, 1916, and March 25th, 1917). EAST AFRICA 19th - Handeni (German East Africa) occupied by British forces 1916 saw all sides planning and executing offensives that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives - the aircraft certainly doing its part in the melee. There are a total of [ 41 ] WW1 Aircraft of 1916 entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z) Fred Sulley's WW1 Experiences - #13 January to March 1916. At the end of 1915 the 12 th battalion was stationed at Mudros and island in Greece, but on 1 st January 1915 they boarded HMT Lake Michigan heading for Egypt again. They arrived at Alexandria at 11am on January 6 th and were boarded onto an open truck train

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26 March 1916. British delegates arrive in Paris to attend the Inter-Allied War Conference. They are greeted by large numbers of cheering supporters. Russian forces launch a further attack at Lake Naroch near Verdun, again without success. Troop morale weakens; General Alexander Ragoza begins to withdraw his troops Formed Egypt March 1916 for 11th Field Artillery Brigade. Reassigned to 24th Field Artillery Brigade June 1916. Disbanded January 1917. Egypt, Sinai, Western Front. 45th Field Artillery Battery [12th Field Artillery (Army) Brigade] Formed Egypt March 1916 for 12th Field Artillery Brigade. Egypt, Sinai, Western Fron

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1916: Reorganisation The forces that were withdrawn from Gallipoli in December 1915 and January 1916 were sent to Egypt to rest, be re-equipped and retrain before most were sent to France. Four infantry divisions, one cavalry division and some independent infantry and cavalry brigades were retained in Egypt, and these were designated the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EFF) on 10 March 1916 Div. Relief - Bn relieved by 1st King's Own Regt & returned to LEVIS BARRACKS by march route. Battn in billets by 3.30 am. Change in weather. Very heavy rain fell. 20 Mar 1918: Kits inspected & Coys cleaned up. 21 Mar 1918 ARRAS 51BSW: The German attack began at 5.15 am and ARRAS was bombarded

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1916/09/30 So-called Judenzählung (Jewish census) ordered by Prussian War Minister Adolf Wild von Hohenborn Judenzählung (Jewish Census) Wild von Hohenborn, Adolf 1916/10/1 In March 1916, the battalion embarked for France and experienced their first service on the Western Front in reserve breastwork trenches near Fleurbaix at the end of the first week of April 1916. The battalion's first major action was at Pozières, part of the massive British offensive on the Somme

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Verdun - A Tactical WW1 Multiplayer Shooter - GamingA pictorial history of British military aircraftresources:worlda_map_series_with_subdivisions_and_rivers

Yrs. of July 7th & 10th & enclosures, also Aust. Paper sent on, all came yesterday morning. Quite imaginary, I fancy, rumour is that no letters were being sent to France, like so many other rumours, pure imagination, any way so far as concerns us people France Sunday Night March 11th 1917 My Dear Mother Yrs. of 4th came two days ago This morning I got a letter from Will dated 6th & he seemed to be going on fairly well & expected to be evacuated to England before long & of course will get a month or 6 wks. leave to get fit & well again, as it will take time to get up his strength, so they will no doubt, all go home to Celbridge & he will. Blog. April 7, 2021. 3 screen shares for 3 different teaching scenarios; April 6, 2021. How to deliver more seamless sales and marketing presentations virtuall March 15, 1917 - The 300-year-old Romanov dynasty in Russia ends upon the abdication of Czar Nicholas II. In his place, a new democratically minded Provisional Government is established. Great Britain, France, the United States, and Italy rush to recognize the new government in the hope Russia will stay in the war and maintain its huge presence on the Eastern Front

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